Quality, Safety, Security and Environment

GMP encourages all company stakeholders to adopt a responsible, supportive and dynamic attitude towards safety, security and the environment.

Our QSSE (Quality-Safety-Security-Environment) service team ensures that all activities conducted by GMP value the company and respect the port environment of Le Havre in the long term. In other words, GMP's QSSE service is a positive and responsible contribution, which is attentive to employees and respectful of the environment.

Social Responsibility

We guarantee a significant level of moral integrity, which is responsible, respectful and attentive to our staff, and evident in the various departments. Thus, we strive to comply with the legislation on working conditions. Various measures are therefore implemented to ensure excellent conditions for all GMP employees and to produce quality work on a daily basis.



All operations carried out comply with QHSE international standards such as ISO28000 (2007). GMP is also AEO-certified and complies with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) measures imposed by the United States after 11 September 2001. These security measures require rigorous albeit indispensable inspection of the identity of persons entering the Terminals.



Security is also one of the main focal areas of this department. In fact, GMP complies with all the applicable laws regarding working conditions. The health, hygiene, fire safety and protection against risk of our workers are essential priorities for us. For example, the importance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is emphasised in numerous awareness-building publications addressed to all GMP staff.

Environmental Responsibility

In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we carry out various studies, which are supported by processes for the scoring and prioritisation of impacts. These help highlight the main areas of action that will subsequently be required in order to undertake a quality environmental approach. Thus, GMP has received approval for the Environmental Management System Standard, i.e. ISO 14001 (2004). This programme includes emergency procedures for spills or all other environmental emergencies. It also takes into account the storage of hazardous and combustible materials in secure areas. In addition, we are committed to minimising industrial waste and promoting recycling, which is consistent with this programme.


For several years, GMP has undertaken regulatory procedures, and thus has been able to obtain and renew different certifications. In fact, our desire, above all, is to become a benchmark partner by providing a competitive, flexible and innovative offer and developing a privileged relationship with our partners. Thus, to date we have been able to obtain numerous certifications that we set our sights on achieving. Our Maritime & Supply Chain certifications:


Dates obtained


ISO 9001

Since November 2003-2008

Quality (Quality Management System)

ISO 28000

Since March 2008

Security (Security Management System)

OHSAS 18001

Since December 2009

Safety (Safety Management System)

ISO 14001

Since January 2009

Environment (Environmental Management System)


Since February 2010

Authorised Economic Operator

QSSE Regulations

Download Charter - QSSE Policy and Commitment

Download Safety Rules - Safety - Environment (Essential Equipment)