The values we stand for

As a leading player in the global port industry, we have the know-how, commitment and experience to be able to help our customers and partners go the extra mile in the achievement of their goals.

Experience, our strength

Sharing what we have learned is our strength. In fact, GMP has a strong record of efficiency and competitiveness in the quality of handling, storage and transshipment. Furthermore, GMP has a high level of adaptability, which, together with its well-trained and well-informed staff, constitute essential elements for the sustainability of our activities. Our unmatched handling experience has contributed to our success and is part of a continuous improvement process.

Always room for Innovation

GMP is able to offer its recognised expertise, modern equipment and renewed techniques, as well as talented and enterprising human potential. We strive to meet your needs in the most professional way, anytime and anywhere. We place a lot of importance on the transparency of communication with our clients and on respect for our commitments. Respect, quality, safety, security and ethics always take us further and guarantee our operational excellence.

Our multiple capacities and abilities, which are constantly being improved, allow us to provide the necessary solutions for the specific requirements of all our customers. GMP obtained ISO 9001 certification of its quality system in 2008.

Business Ethics

It is not possible to remain in business and make profits if you do not care about the human perspective in all its diversity.

All of us have already experienced the satisfaction of working together and completing an important project. This is why we can guarantee a significant level of moral integrity, which is responsible, respectful and attentive to our staff, and evident in the various departments. Our ability to combine the talents of our teams and successfully complete your projects makes us more and more proud of our business skills as each day goes by. We place huge value on diversity and the contribution that everyone has to make, because trust and respect for our values allow us to ensure a certain level of professionalism and help us deal with obstacles.

Moreover, by giving our teams the resources to develop themselves, we create conditions that are conducive to the innovations of tomorrow. Our entrepreneurial spirit, our investments and our ability to look to the future are the driving forces of our activities. In fact, the completion of profitable projects is based on long-lasting and balanced relationships. We therefore seek to improve our performance and share the benefits of all our success with the stakeholders in our development: our employees, our customers, our shareholders, our partners and our suppliers.




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