GMP Assets and Missions

GMP offers a competitive quality container handling service. Transshipment, storage, extra-logistical services and CFS activities (lashing, securing and sheeting) - this is what we specialise in!

A company with a human dimension

Our company has about 1200 employees, including 1000 dockers.

We supervise, organise and coordinate the activities of one or several operating teams (handling operators, administrative and sales staff, technical operators, shiplaner technicians, etc ...) in their technical, business, social and financial aspects, according to security standards and regulations. Our goal is the quality of the service, associated with an incomparable cost and turnaround times.

During the second half of the 20th century, the modernisation of maritime transport radically changed the profession of dockers. The automation of operations, with the appearance of containers on the market, accelerated port movements and forced dockers to acquire new skills. Our Docker teams have since received rigorous, demanding and multi-faceted training through our Training Centre. Their activities vary according to the constitution of the teams (work on the ground, on board, on deck or in the hold, day or night) and the type of handling: slinging, lashing, unpacking and packing. The Dockers, in constant contact with various stakeholders such as gantry-crane operators, crane operators and other services, carry out port handling operations for the transshipment of cargo on board ships or at the quay, either manually or with the aid of self-propelled cargo handling equipment (forklift trucks) or heavy-duty vehicles (straddle-carriers, container trailers). Our operators also control the organisation and operation of the port area, that is, the traffic management plan and storage areas. We receive and inspect the products, then we fill out the activity tracking information and send it to the relevant department. In addition, we carry out port security operations, such as fire prevention and anti-pollution nets.

Specific aspects of our Terminals

GMP operates two terminals.

The Terminal de France (TDF) is ideally situated outside the locks to facilitate access to the largest vessels. We are therefore in a position to deal with the productivity constraints of shipping companies. TDF also offers exceptional infrastructure, large storage areas and efficient loading and offloading times due to its equipment and the intermodal dynamic connectivity enjoyed by Le Havre.

A second site, the Terminaux Nord, consisting of two wharves (the Quai de l'Europe and the Quai des Amériques), offer more traditional services such as CFS capacity, which allows for the storage of all types of goods. RORO activity also represents an important aspect of the operations carried out on the Terminaux Nord. In addition, GMP carries out the loading of heavy or oversized transport, which requires real know-how and special equipment such as, for example, the LIEBHERR mobile crane, with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes.


Our Facilities and Infrastructures

Terminal de France                               Terminaux Nord (Quais de l'Europe et des Amériques)
  • 1,200 m linear quay (+200m quay dedicated to the barge)
  • Draught: 15.8m at low tide
  • 10 x Superpost Panamax Gantry Cranes (6 with 40m under spreader & 4 with 49m)
  • 3 Rail Gantry Cranes
  • 71 straddle-carriers
  • 800,000m2 platforms
  • Capacity: 30000 storage TEUs on the yard
  • 890 Reefer Outlets
  • 5 km of railway facilities
  • 1,650 m linear quay (CONRO activities)
  • Draft: 14.3m at low tide
  • 5 Gantry Cranes + 1 Liebherr Crane
  • 13 straddle-carriers
  • 700,000 m² platforms
  • Capacity: 750,000 TEU/year
  • 275 Reefers sockets
  • 23,000 m² of covered storage space

Missions of our Container Freight Station

In order to best prepare your goods and containers for their next destination, we are committed to providing you with a quality service that is a combination of both speed and efficiency. Furthermore, to guarantee safe quality transport, it is essential that the goods are in a suitable state for sea shipment, that is to say, they are properly lashed and secured. The goods can be delivered or collected by truck, train and barge and are stacked or removed from containers with a high level of professionalism. This is our mission. In addition, at the Quai de l'Europe, we provide our customers with two covered warehouses (warehouses 101 and 102) with an area of 22,000 m², which constitute a storage space that is protected from the elements.



Dépôt et Manutention sur le Parc

Le site exploité par la GMP a pour activité principale le chargement et déchargement de conteneurs de tous types par voie maritime, fluviale, ferrée ou routière. Le transit d’un conteneur sur le site est en moyenne de 4 à 7 jours.