ASCOT offers a quality, efficient and competitive structure for shipowners. ASCOT brings know-how, human skills and material resources to the container supply chain. In fact, technical expertise, mobility, flexibility and adaptability of teams are the main focal areas of this company.

Thus, ASCOT's main activities are the maintenance and repair of reefer containers and a carpentry, strapping and lashing department. Its structure, located on the Quai de Moselle site, is adapted to enable ASCOT's teams to be responsive to our customers' requests, particularly in the areas of reefer containers and port works. An area of 22 000 m² in one lot, enabling personalised space management, is planned.


ASCOT Strapping / Lashing


  • Strapping and lashing of goods on all types of land and sea transport
  • Lashing BreakBulk packages according to International Maritime Standards (IMO)
  • Manufacture of heavy-duty port infrastructures (dock fenders, Duc d'Albe cladding)
  • Polyester repair of workboats and power boats
  • Manufacture of custom-built ship cradles and crates for the export industry


Human Resources

  • Marine Carpenters and Joiners

Material Resources

  • Carpentry (maximum tooling capacity)


Dépôt, réception et livraison de 08h00 à 18h30, sans interruption du Lundi au Vendredi

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