Appointment System

Appointments system

Pre-Production version, your appointments will not be considered valid at the terminal entrance.

Open for registration as of 22 January, 2018.

Test until 2 February, 2018.

Launched on 8 February, 2018.


The recent announcement of the termination of the "Soget TAS" community meeting system for road hauliers at Port 2000 terminals has raised numerous questions by many Port users. This situation resulted in GMP and the FNTR, OTRE and TLF carrier federations meeting twice, on 23 October and 13 November, to work together on the redesign of a new appointment system for the Terminal de France, all of which recognise the need for it. The next meeting is scheduled for 8 December.

The shutdown of the "TAS" system with a deadline that is too close has forced us to establish a transitional solution in continuity with the current system. As of the 1st December, and for a period of a few weeks, the "TAS" system will be made accessible from a specific new GMP link, deployed solely on the Terminal de France. The continuity of appointments will therefore be guaranteed and made available to users, using the same codes as the ones currently in use.

As of January 2018, GMP will launch a new appointment tool, always at the service of the Terminal de France. Road hauliers will then have to register on the tool. This new system will, from its first version, bring some improvements to current practices, including:

- The system will be searchable by all parties making the request; appointments remain limited to road haulers (same as today)

- It will not be possible to change the appointment. In case of a change, the appointment must be cancelled and re-scheduled

- 1 appointment = 1 container

- Scheduling of appointments, according to the same criteria as today, will continue to be free of charge

- However, late cancellations and no-show appointments ("no-shows") will be subject to billing

In the second quarter of 2018, we will enhance the tool with additional functionalities in order to better meet user expectations, particularly in terms of upstream planning of their activity. We will continue to work together in the interest of the entire port community.

GMP will keep you informed of the implementation plan for this new tool.


Christophe Vandecasteele

DGA - Director of Operations