Terminal Badge Requests

"Message for Road Transport Companies wishing to obtain a permanent badge

Please note that as of 06 June 2017, permanent badge requests will have to be made directly via the website. https://acces.terminaldefrance.fr.

Files received by mail between 06 June, 2017 and 12 June, 2017 will be processed normally by our services. As of 12 June, 2017, this mail will be returned to you.

During the 1st login, the documents that were sent to you when you created your customer account will have to be registered again on our website. Our security protocols will also have to be completed, signed and submitted via our site. These protocols can be downloaded during registration of the company on our website.

In addition, for all new requests for permanent badges, accreditation will now be mandatory for each driver who will have to pass a test on our website through the use of personal access codes that will be sent. For information, drivers will also be able to do this test on their smartphone on a 24/7 basis"