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Where can you find us?

The important logistics work required for real-time container management and the general administration of the site are carried out in different offices. In fact, GMP activities and staff are concentrated around 3 distinct key locations:

GMP - Head Office

The GMP head office groups together all the managerial departments, including the Human Resources department, the Administration and Finance Department, the Sales Department, QSSE (Quality-Safety-Security-Environment), the EDI IT department, part of the Operations department and, of course, the General Management of GMP.

Port Access Number: 3065

Find us: Find our location on Google Maps!


The CASEA site (Europe Americas Sector Activity Centre) groups together some of the members of the Technical Department as well as the Infrastructure Department. These teams will be delighted to meet you in order to help you complete your administrative procedures in relation to the Maintenance Department and the Property Department.

GMP - Terminal de France

Port Access Number: 2000

Finally, the Terminal de France facilities will be able to provide you with all the information relating to Technical Maintenance & ATP services. Other members of the Operations Department will also attend to your requests.